Spirit Knight Spirits

Spirit knights gain the following abilities according to their chosen spirit.

The essence of war and tactics flows through you. This influence comes from the spirit of an ancient warrior from your family’s history or from a time of great conflict and war.

Spells 1st–enlarge person, magic weapon, spike armor, thorn javelin; 2nd–fog cloud, shared sacrifice, spiritual weapon; 3rd–hex glyph, magic circle against chaos/evil/good/law, magic vestment; 4th–magic weapon (greater), wall of fire; 5th–hunter’s blessing, righteous might; Weapon battleaxe, mighty cleaving (5th), wounding (9th); Skills Craft (armor), Craft (weapons), Profession (soldier); Wave 4d6 sonic damage and sickened for 1 round per level, Fort save for half damage and negate deafened condition.

The concepts of death and fear have a hold on you, and you portray them in all you do and say. This influence comes from the spirits of the dead who surround you and whisper their deepest desires.

Spells 1st–cause fear, chill touch, inflict light wounds, sleep; 2nd–false life, inflict moderate wounds, touch of bloodletting; 3rd–animate dead, inflict serious wounds, stricken heart; 4th–fear, reincarnate; 5th–feast on fear, slay living; Weapon klar, ghost touch (5th), unholy (9th); Skills Heal, Profession (undertaker); Wave 6d6 negative energy damage (heals undead, harms living creatures), Will save for half damage.

The power of fire and molten core of the planet resides in you, and at times you can hardly contain its fury. This influence comes from a fire spirit from a volcano, lava flow, or some other source of natural flame and heat.

Spells 1st–burning hands, dancing lantern, endure elements, produce flames; 2nd–burning gaze, flame blade, resist energy; 3rd–fireball, protection from energy, trial of fire and acid; 4th–curse of burning sleep, wall of fire; 5th–flame strike, summon monster V (fire elementals only); Weapon flambard, flaming (5th), igniting (9th); Skills Craft (alchemy; fire-based items), Profession (blacksmith); Wave 6d6 fire damage, Reflex save for half damage.

The power and light you radiate comes from and otherworldly source beyond the mortal plane. This influence comes from a celestial spirit from your family’s history, or from one of the planes of good.

Spells 1st–bless, color spray, light, remove fear; 2nd–eagle’s splendor, gentle repose, hypnotic pattern; 3rd–aura sight, daylight, font of spirit magic; 4th–planar ally (lesser), rainbow pattern; 5th–break enchantment, overland flight; Weapon khopesh, valiant (5th), holy (9th); Skills Knowledge (planes), Sense Motive; Wave 4d6 heaven fire damage (half is divine power, half is fire), Reflex save for half fire damage.

The energies of life and vigor flow through your body, enabling you to resist death and maladies with impunity. This influence comes from honorable spirits who protected the weak and protected life above all else, no matter whose life it was.

Spells 1st–deathwatch, detect undead, cure light wounds, goodberry; 2nd–cure moderate wounds, delay poison, restoration (lesser); 3rd–cure serious wounds, mantle of calm, remove blindness/deafness; 4th–neutralize poison, restoration; 5th–breath of life, rest eternal; Weapon mace (light or heavy), benevolent (5th), lifesurge (9th); Skills Heal, Knowledge (nature); Wave 6d6 positive energy damage (harms undead, heals living creatures), Will save for half damage.

The wisdom and life experience you possess is vast, granting you understanding beyond reproach. This influence comes from wise spirits of your ancestors and great seers of ages past.

Spells 1st–comprehend languages, discern next of kin, heightened awareness, identify, sense spirit magic; 2nd–augury, eagle eye, tongues; 3rd–clairaudience/clairvoyance, locate object, pierce disguise; 4th–divination, legend lore; 5th–contact other plane, true seeing; Weapon quarterstaff, mimetic (5th), planar (9th); Skills Knowledge (any two of his choice); Wave 4d6 damage and shaken for 1 round per level, Will save for half damage and negate shaken condition.

The strength and endurance of great beasts flow within you. This influence comes from spirits of massive creatures, giants, and other beings of great stature.

Spells 1st–bane, enlarge person, monkey fish, unbreakable heart; 2nd–amplify stench, bear’s endurance, bull’s strength; 3rd–nauseating trail, rage, stench of prey; 4th–persistent vigor, stoneskin; 5th–beast shape III, vengeful stinger; Weapon earth breaker, menacing (5th), impact (9th); Skills Intimidate, Survival; Wave 4d6 force damage and knocked prone, Fortitude save for half damage and negate prone condition.

The natural world strengthens and invigorates you, and you possess a singular connection to the nature and the fey. This influence comes from nature spirits from lakes and rivers, forests, or any other natural geographical formation.

Spells 1st–charm animal, detect animals and plants, entangle, pass without trace; 2nd–barkskin, imbue with elemental might, scale spikes; 3rd–dominate animal, speak with plants, scale spikes (greater); 4th–grove of respite, thorn body; 5th–awaken, wall of thorns; Weapon battle shears, keen (5th), invigorating (9th); Skills Knowledge (nature), Survival; Wave 4d6 slashing damage and entangled, Reflex save for half damage and negate entangled condition.

The power of the earth and stone beneath your feet resides in you, granting you strength and durability that surpasses all others. This influence comes from an earth spirit from the nearby mountains.

Spells 1st–expeditious excavation, hairline fractures, magic stone, stone shield; 2nd–create pit, soften earth and stone, stone call; 3rd–meld into stone, spiked pit, stone shape; 4th–earth glide, wall of stone; 5th–move earth, stoneskin; Weapon war spade, grounding (5th), anchoring (9th); Skills Climb, Knowledge (dungeoneering); Wave 6d6 bludgeoning damage, Reflex save for half damage.

The waves of the sea call out to you, enabling you to both survive and flourish within that watery domain. This influence comes from the water spirits who dwell in the seas, lakes, and rivers of the world.

Spells 1st–frostbite, hydraulic push, obscuring mist, wave shield; 2nd–buoyancy, fog cloud, slipstream; 3rd–fins to feet, sleet storm, water breathing; 4th–control water, wall of ice; 5th–cone of cold, geyser; Weapon trident, seaborne (5th), icy burst (9th); Skills Profession (sailor), Swim; Wave 6d6 cold damage, Reflex save for half damage.

The swiftness and agility of the wind runs through your veins, granting you a level of grace and speed beyond compare. This influence comes from the air spirits that inhabit the mists of the highest mounts and travel upon the wind streams that blow through the skies.

Spells 1st–alter winds, gentle breeze, obscuring mist, sleep; 2nd–glide, gust of wind, levitate; 3rd–call lightning, cloak of winds, wind wall; 4th–river of wind, solid fog; 5th–control winds, wind blades; Weapon war kukri, throwing (5th), shocking burst (9th); Skills Acrobatics, Fly; Wave 6d6 electricity damage, Reflex save for half damage.