Ambra Quickfoot

Goddess of Travel and Freedom 
(Rogue 20/Bard 20)
Mother of Halflingkind, The Wanderer 
Portfolio Change, trade, travel, freedom, trickery, halflings
Typical Worshipers 
Bards, rogues, shopkeepers, tricksters
Typical Worshiper Alignment Chaotic Good
Chaos, Community, Good, Halfling*, Healing, Liberation, Travel
Symbol Winged sandals
Favored Weapon Shortsword
Alternative Names None

Ambra Quickfoot (AM-brah KWIK-fuht) is often depicted as a beautiful and charismatic female halfling with golden hair and bright blue eyes. She tends to garb herself in +5 expeditious glamered shadow slick unbound leather armor when traveling, but uses the glamered aspect of her armor to change her appearance into any attire she desires, though the regal clothes of a prosperous merchant are her most prominent. She is always seen wearing a special pair of fancy black leather boots (function as major burglar boots, boots of the enduring march, getaway boots, boots of levitation, boots of speed, and boots of teleportation), and a pair of pouches that duplicate the effects of a handy haversack and robes of useful items

In battle, Ambra Quickfoot wields a +5 called dancing keen shortsword, and always has a +5 distance heartseeker speed endless ammunition sling concealed somewhere on her body.

Ambra Quickfoot is both a cunning and shrewd trader. She is always jovial, quick witted, and at times has been known to play an important role in a number of deals established between the deities. Because of her amiable nature, many halflings worship her with open admiration and devotion. She will often bless her worshipers with favorable weather for traveling, amazing finds at bazaars and shops, or speedy passage as they journey by sea. Monetary offerings are often given by patrons in return for a blessing, but the temples provide additional services such as healing, medical assistance, or other divine boons. Worshipers make sacrifices of rich merchandise or large amounts of money to ensure that the blessings of safety on the roads and good trade in the cities occur.

Ambra Quickfoot is often used as a messenger of sorts by other deities of good persuasion. As a deity of merchants and travelers, she is usually the first to hear rumors pertaining to the mortal world. She will then pass these rumors on to those deities who will most benefit from the knowledge, for a small fee of course. Needless to say, she is always on the lookout for profitable opportunities, especially among her colleagues. Nothing pleases her more than to get one over on the greater deities, especially those of an evil nature, such as Kerr or Scion “The Destroyer”.