Goddess of Vermin, Domination, and the Everdark 
(Druid 20/Summoner 20)
The Lady of Vermin, Mother of the Drow

Portfolio Vermin, domination, the Everdark, drow
Typical Worshipers 
Druids, hunters, shamans, summoners, drow
Typical Wors
hiper Alignment Neutral Evil
Domains Animal (vermin), Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Evil, Trickery
Symbol Jade scarab beetle
Favored Weapon Shorspear
Alternative Names Yanitha the Scarab Queen (drow) 

Dorza (DOR-zah), the Lady of Vermin appears as a dark elf female with white-silvery hair, and garbed in a +5 robes of protection crafted of black velvet with emerald green symbols of scarab beetles. She also wears a pair of jade +8 bracers that grant her the creeping, greater shadow, spell storing, and wild special armor properties. 

In battle, Dorza wields a special +5 cruel huntsman stalking unholy adamantine shortspear with great skill and deadly precision. On command, the weapon can elongate into a spear or longspear. She also relies upon her eidolon, which in in the shape of a Huge scarab beetle, to aid her against her foes. When necessary, Dorza will call upon her innate magic to assist her in victory. She is under the constant effect of a vermin shape II spell. She can also use the following spell-like abilities: At will-control vermin; 3/day-giant vermin; 1/day-summon elder worm (except she summons a Goliath stag beetle with the twice applied giant template). 

Dozra, known to the drow as Yanitha, The Scarab Queen, uses scarab beetles of every size to punish her followers and protect her cities. Most often, those who have disappointed or betrayed her will become inflicted by tiny poisonous scarabs that burrow into their flesh, while her cities are protected by blue-gold or emerald scarabs of colossal size that have embedded themselves in the stone, and await the summons of the ruling power to call them forth and protect them. While a few cities favor other vermin, like rats, snakes, even spiders, most favor the scarab as the symbol of Dorza's power and blessing.