Fallen God of Destruction 
(Slayer 20/Barbarian 10)
The Destroyer, The Great Usurper, The Betrayer of All

Portfolio Blood, conquest, destruction, turmoil, orcs
Typical Worshipers Barbarians, fighters, slayers, killers, tyrants, warmongers, betrayers 
Typical Worshiper Alignment Chaotic Evil
Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, War
Symbol Black flaming triangle
Favored Weapon Greataxe
Alternative Names None

Korroth (KOR-roth) was the original god of destruction, but because of his betrayal of the entire Stonehelm Pantheon, he was imprisoned by the three greater gods (Seker, Arbiter, and Kerr) in a planar box, never to escape. For this to happen, another god would need to willingly sacrifice themselves to balance out the power among the gods. Solstriss, Goddess of the Sun, Prophecy, and Revelation volunteered. However, during the process of imprisonment, a portion of Korroth's essence was able to escape the box, and has roamed the world ever since, causing disharmony, war, and contention among the nations. Likewise, Solstriss, knowing in a dream what Korroth would do, she relinquished her godhood to become a mortal avatar of her former self. This allowed most of her power to be captured within the box, but she kept enough of it to remain a steadfast influence for the cause of good in the world. 

While Korroth tends not to manifest himself, he can possess any mortal being (as dominate monster, Will save DC 30), influencing them in the cause of evil and destruction. When Korroth chooses to manifest himself, he appears as an intangible form of a human male with cunning blue eyes and well trimmed facial hair, and is treated in all respects as both a level 20 barbarian and a level 20 slayer (Character Level 40). When manifesting, he is always adorned in either +5 defiant dastard ghost touch glamered invincibility unrighteous black full plate or the regal finery of a high courtier, duke, or even a prince. In either case, he is considered to be fully protected by his armor. 

In battle, Korroth wields a +5 dispelling burst mortal bane unholy wounding adamantine greataxe

Destroying Korroth

Korroth's essence can be destroyed, but the process is not easy. First, he must be reduced to -100 hit points (he regenerates 5 hit points every round). Next, his form must be subject to a hallowed spell and then completely submersed in holy water for 1 hour. Finally, his body must be cast to the plane of Heaven. Once this is done, the box that originally captured his essence must be destroyed at the hands of the three greater gods, Seker, Arbiter, and Kerr. Only then can his remaining essence be completely and irrevocably destroyed. Should any step be missed, he will regenerate again to full health within a 24 hour period, and left to roam the world and create dissent among the races once again.