Goddess of Death and Fate (Witch 20/Oracle 20)
The Gatherer of Souls, Lady Death

Portfolio Death, fate, everlasting peace
Typical Worshipers 
Clerics, fighters, shamans, slayers
Typical Worshiper Alignment Neutral, though anyone with an interest in death may worship her
Death, Luck, Protection, Repose, Travel
Symbol Black death lily over a silver bowl crescent
Favored Weapon Scythe
Alternative Names None

Macabress (ma-KAWH-bres) appears as a near perfect specimen of womanhood of unsurpassable beauty, with long flowing black hair down to her lower back, piercing black eyes which allow her to peer into the soul of any being, deathly but unblemished white skin, and retractable, cat-like claws. She is always adorned in rich +5 black robes of protection covered in silver runes of death and peace, and +8 silver bracers of armor that have the deathless, staunching, and undead controlling special armor abilities. 

In battle, Macabress will use her claws if needed, but will usually wield a +5 disruption ghost touch grayflame cold iron scythe. She wields tremendous arcane and divine magic, casting spells as both a witch and an oracle. At the beginning of each day, Macabress may select either the boundaries, death, occult, or portents patron, and the bones, life, or occult mystery. These choices remain for 24 hours, at which time she may choose to retain the patron or mystery, or select new ones according to her needs, disposition, or requirements for the day. 

As the goddess of death, Macrabress is immune to all death magic of every kind, coup de graces, and critical hits, and receives only half damage from slashing or piercing weapons, but full damage from bludgeoning weapons. She is also omniscient in all things related to death, and knows the exact moment and circumstances of a creatures passing into the afterlife, even before it happens. As she is ever watchful over all life, she is under the constant effects of a deathwatch and status spell, and may cast rest eternal up to five times per day.