Orin Stoneforger

God of Earth and Metallurgy (Fighter 20/Warpriest 20)
Father of Dwarvenkind, The Great Forger of the World

Portfolio Earth, metallurgy, creation, artisans, dwarves
Typical Worshipers 
Fighters, blacksmiths, masons, miners
Typical Worshiper Alignment Lawful Good
Artifice, Dwarf*, Earth, Good, Law, Rune
Symbol Crowned helm with crossed waraxes
Favored Weapon Dwarven waraxe
Alternative Names Falgar Granitehand (gnomes)

Orin Stoneforger (OR-in STOHN-for-jur) appears as a stocky, oversized dwarf with keen, jade colored eyes and auburn hair, with aubrun mustaches and a beard woven into elaborate braids that's tucked into his belt. He wears +5 delving heavy fortitude invulnerability dwarven full plate with dwarven runes scribed all over its surface, a dwarven helm, and a +5 clangorous ramming heavy adamantine shield

In battle he wields either a +5 adamantine speed wounding dwarven waraxe or a +5 adamantine impact throwing returning warhammer. The waraxe also functions as a mattock of the titans, while the hammer functions as a maul of the titans, but only in his hands. Orin Stoneforger is a master smith, and can craft anything he desires from stone or metal with perfect precision. 

As the god of earth and metallurgy, Orin Stoneforger is under the constant effects of a repel metal and stone spell. He can activate or deactivate this effect at will. He can also speak a number of words of power that allow him to control or shape earth, rock, or metals. These words can each be used once per day and function as the earthquakeexpeditious evacuation, move earth, soften earth and stone, stone shape, transmute rock to mud, transmute mud to rock, and world wave spells.