God of Storms and Wrath (Barbarian 20/Ranger 20)
The Great Berserker, The Bringer of Vengeance, The Storm Maker

Portfolio Storms, wrath, fiery retribution, vengeance
Typical Worshipers 
Barbarians, bloodragers, skalds, vigilantes
Typical Worshiper Alignment Chaotic neutral
Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Madness, Strength, Weather
Symbol Black death lily over a silver bowl crescent
Favored Weapon Battleaxe
Alternative Names Anarion Shatterstar (elves), Valkamesh (udda)

Roth (RAWTH) appears to most as a large heavily scarred and tattooed human male with red braided hair and beard and fiery eyes, while to the elves he appears as a wood elf male with reddish-blonde hair and reddish-brown eyes, and to the udda he resembles a desert elf, with auburn braided hair and amber eyes. Regardless of his appearance, he is always seen wearing a suit of red +5 moderate fortification staunching unbound mithral breastplate armor, a red cloak that functions as a +5 cloak of resistance, cloak of winds, and a cloak of fiery vanishing

In battle, Roth wields a +5 anarchic flaming keen ominous wounding greataxe and relies on his tremendous strength and anger to defeat his foes. Should he appear in his elven form, he wields an elven curve blade, or a falchion when in his udda form, both of the same enchantment as his greataxe. On command, Roth can surround himself in a fire aura that deal 2d6 points of fire damage to anyone who comes within 10 feet. He can also invoke righteous might three times per day, as well call lightning storm, control weather, firestorm, volcanic storm, and storm of vengeance once per day. 

As the god of storms and wrath, Roth is immune to fire and electricity attacks, bleed damage, and spells that create effects like madness and insanity. Whenever Roth chooses to rage, he gains double the bonuses of that given to a 20th level barbarian. Like a ranger, he can summon an animal companion. He can summon a different animal companion each day, allowing him to summon a creature of any type native to the terrain he is currently in.