God of Light and Truth 
(Paladin 20/Cleric 20)
The Light Bringer, The Lord of Light 

Portfolio Light, truth, righteous virtue, purity
Typical Worshipers Clerics, paladins, warpriests
Typical Worshiper Alignment Lawful Good
Domains Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Repose, Sun
Symbol Golden ankh in a shaft of light
Favored Weapon Longsword
Alternative Names None

Seker (SEE-kur, or se-KUR) is the consort of Sosa and father of Solstriss. He appears as a large, powerfully built, clean-shaven human male, dressed in a suit of brilliant white +5 champion radiant righteous full plate armor. A golden chainmail coif that functions as a helm of reclamation covers his head, and over his armor he wears a white and gold trimmed surcoat that bears a large golden ankh in the center. 

In battle, Seker wields a golden +5 called glorious holy avenger longsword. Once per day, he can command the sword to take on the brilliant energy weapon property for 1 hour. Whenever he attacks an undead creature with his sword, it acts as if it had the disruption weapon property, even though it isn't a bludgeonoing weapon. He also carries a matching +5 heavy fortification vigilant shieldIn addition to his combat attire, Seker carries a True Ankh, enabling him to resurrect anyone no matter the predicament. Any mortal who touches it without his consent is immediately destroyed by heavenly fire (no save). 

As the god of light and truth, Seker is relentless in his efforts to destroy all evil and corruption on the earth, especially undead. Thus, Seker continuously radiates an aura of light the equivalent to a daylight spell. Any undead that enters this aura must make a successful Will save or be instantly and irrevocably destroyed. This aura can be activated or deactivated with a thought. He can also unleash rays of holy light from his hands, at will. Each ray functions as a searing light spell, but deals 15d6 points of damage (30d6 damage to undead). 

Seker is a protector and guardian of lawful good souls and the souls of his followers after their death. Ultimately, it is he who decides whether a follower can be brought back to life. If a worshiper is truly in need of aide, he will often send a single angel of the appropriate type to assist them. Clerics, paladins, and warpriests are among Seker's most devout and fanatic worshipers. Should one of these classes use divine magic to summon goodly creatures from the outer planes to aid them in their cause, there is a 1% chance that Seker himself will appear and grant the worshiper a boon is the form of a miracle spell.