Wandering Phenom

CR: +2

Class: Cavalier or fighter. Additional classes may be considered at the GM’s discretion.

HD: 14 or higher.

Alignment: Any nonevil.

Defenses/Qualities: A 
wandering phenom gains DR 3/— if HD are 17 or less) or 6/ (if HD are 18 or more), +4 on his rolls to confirm critical hits, and a +4 bonus on all Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Ride, and Survival skill checks. If the wandering phenom already has untyped DR from a previous class feature, it increases by 3.

Special Abilities: A 
wandering phenom gains the following special abilities:

Battle Surge (Ex)

A wandering phenom can draw upon his battle training to increase his prowess in combat. As a swift action, he can add 1/2 his Hit Dice or level (minimum 1) to all attack and damage rolls, and to all CMB and CMD checks until the beginning of his next turn. He can use this ability a number of times per day equal to his Strength or Dexterity modifier (whichever is higher). 

Combat Versatility

wandering phenom can use his martial training to increase his prowess in battle. A wandering phenom gains a combat feat slot for every four Hit Dice or levels he possesses. Each day, a wandering phenom can prepare one feat that he has not learned or qualifies for in each slot. A wandering phenom may chose any feat from those listed as Combat Feats. The wandering phenom must meet the level or base attack bonus prerequisites of these feats, but ignores all other prerequisites. Once the a combat feat is prepared, the wandering phenom is treated as meeting all the feat’s prerequisites for the purpose of learning additional feats. 

wandering phenom must choose and prepare his feats ahead of time by getting 8 hours of sleep and spending 1 hour in physical training. While training, the wandering phenom decides which feats to prepare. A prepared combat feat can be activated as a free action and its effect lasts until combat ends. Once a feat has been activated, it cannot be used again until the wandering phenom rests to regain his combat versatility feat slots per day. More than one prepared combat feat can be activated during combat.

Deadly Strike (Ex)

wandering phenom can pool all his attack potential into one deadly attack. As a full-attack action, the wandering phenom can concentrate his power or take careful aim and pool all of his melee or ranged attack potential into a single, deadly attack. When he does this, the wandering phenom makes a melee or ranged attack against a single target, but makes as many attack rolls as he can, based on his base attack bonus. He makes the attack rolls in order from highest bonus to lowest, as if he were making a full attack. If any of the attack rolls hit the target, the wandering phenom’s single attack is considered to have hit. For each additional successful attack roll beyond the first, the wandering phenom increases the damage of the attack by the base damage dice of the weapon. For instance, if a 14 Hit Dice or level wandering phenom attacking with a greatsword hits with all three attacks, he does 6d6 points of damage with the attack, instead of 2d6 points of damage, before adding any damage modifiers. 

Precision damage and extra damage from weapon special abilities (such as flaming) are added with damage modifiers and are not increased by this ability. If one or more rolls are critical threats, he confirms the critical once using his highest base attack bonus –5. For each critical threat beyond the first, he reduces this penalty by 1 (to a maximum of 0). The wandering phenom only misses on a deadly strike if all the attack rolls are missed. He cannot use this ability with a weapon with the scatter weapon quality (blunderbuss, etc.).

Tenacity (Ex)

wandering phenom gains a bonus on Will saves against fear and on all Intimidate skill checks made to demoralize an opponent. If the wandering phenom has the Leadership feat, he also adds this bonus to his leadership score. These bonuses are equal to +1 for every four Hit Dice or levels the wandering phenom possesses. When a wandering phenom succeeds on an Intimidate skill check against a creature of at least two levels (or Hit Dice) lower than him, that creature must use his move action to take a 5-foot step away from the wandering phenom and becomes shaken. The wandering phenom must be within 5 feet of the creature if wielding a melee weapon, or within 10 feet if wielding a ranged weapon. At 16th level, the creature becomes frightened. At 18th level, the creature becomes panicked. 

A fighter may attempt to force an opponent of higher level to take a 5-foot step, but doing so increases the Intimidate check’s DC by +1 for every level (or Hit Dice) the opponent is above his level. In addition, a wandering phenom can apply his Strength bonus to any Intimidate checks instead of his Charisma modifier.

Spell-Like Abilities: A 
wandering phenom gains the following spell-like abilities: 3/day–effortless armor, heart of the metal, keep watch1/day–greater bladed dash, mountCaster level equals the wandering phenom’s HD (or character level of the base creature, whichever is higher).

Abilities: A 
wandering phenom gains a +4 bonus on one ability score of its choice and a +2 bonus on two other ability scores of his choice.