The Jojiipéwaa (The People of Paradise)

The Jojiipewaa (jō-jee’-pay-wä) dwell in a virtual paradise, laden with coconut, fruit and palm trees, as well as other tropical srubs and foliage. A mystical place, the land of the Jojiipewaa is of a subtropical to tropical region. The Jojiipewaa live in a jungle utopia called the Jojiipé Heartland, where they gather in large villages consisting of houses made of woven reed walls and thatched roofs of reeds or large tree leaves. They travel their lands by foot, or by using the indigenous animals as mounts or draft animals to pull their carts. Along the coast, the vilages rely upon fishing and boats for gathering food and exploration.

Real World Association: The Polynesian Islands

Capital: Blessed Moon

Regional Population: 6,450

Government: Tribal Chieftain

Religion: Elan Valdarin

Sister Tribes: Jahoni (jō-hä’-nee), Jojiipe* (jō-jee’-pay), Junti (joon’-tee)

Dragon Sponsors: Bronze, gold, green, sovereign

Tribal Beasts:  Antelope, boar, elephant, gazelle, hyena, lion, leopard, ostrich, rhino, water buffalo, zebra

Tribal Dwellings: Clay brick houses, thatched huts

Tribal Arms: Battleaxe (obsidian), dagger (obsidian), hand axe (obsidian), light crossbow (obsidian bolts), longspear, scimitar (obsidian), sling,

shortspear, spear, throwing axe (obsidian); bone ring armor (as studded leather), hide armor, leather armor, wooden shield

Imports: Stone and metal weapons, iron wares, spices

Exports: Exotic foods and roots, fine furs, dried meats, pottery, obsidian weapons, wooden shields

Alignment: NG, LN, N

Allies: The Kanasatke (conditional), The Okwashonee (conditional), The Sousesne (steady), The Wananakas (steady)

Area: The Jojiipé Heartland

Environment: Warm jungle