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Vesper's Rapier

Aura strong conjuration; CL 20th; Slot none; Weight 2 lbs.


This elegant blade is tinged blue, a color repeated in the facets of three cabochons set in the crossguard. Scaly green-black leather wraps a hilt seemingly made of woven, hair-thin metallic fibers.

Despite its best-known name, Vesper's Rapier is not necessarily a rapier. This weapon is a +3 keen speed sword, with the type of sword varying from wielder to wielder. Upon being taken up by a new owner, the weapon transforms into any type of sword of the wielder's choosing, mundane or exotic. From that point on, the weapon always transforms into that type of sword whenever it is held by that individual. While bearing Vesper's Rapier, the wielder gains a +4 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks made to influence humanoids, and can use the rapier like a compass to point in the direction of the closest collection of gems, silver, or drinkable water as a standard action at will. The sword also grants the wielder the ability to either slip or tighten the bonds of the physical world, granting her the ability to cast dimension door, dimensional lock, or greater teleport. These powers have limits, though, as they can drain the sword's magical abilities for the day—dimensional lock and greater teleport can be used once per day and drain the sword immediately after their use; dimension door can be used at will, but drains the sword after 3 uses, though the wielder can continue to use dimension door even if the sword is drained (this is the only effect that functions even when the sword is drained). If the sword becomes drained, it loses all of its magical properties (aside from dimension door), including its +3 enhancement bonus, skill bonuses, and the keen and speed special abilities. All of these properties are restored every day at midnight.


Vesper's Rapier is destroyed if it is taken into a demiplane where time doesn't pass. Although this is the end of the sword, its true owner's existence is such that earlier incarnations of the weapon will continue to exist for ages.


As shameless a self-promoter as any bard ever was, Vesper arrogantly held his own legend above that of any other. In doing so, though, he effectively obscured the most remarkable element of a life full of adventures, renaming his stolen sword after himself. For ages untold, both those past and those still to come, Vesper's Rapier didn't belong to Vesper—it belonged to Shyka the Many, one of the Eldest.

Belonging not to one individual but to an untold number, the name “Shyka” is a title held by all who have ever and will ever claim the name and its position of rulership among the Eldest. This multitude shares dominion over Shyka's realm anachronistically, allowing each the opportunity to rule for short periods at all points in existence, from the ancient past to modern times to the distant future. Most who visit Shyka's realm find the seemingly ageless being different with every visit, sometimes changing mid-conversation. So it was when Vesper entered Shyka's realm, where he met Shyka as a being with rust-colored skin and hair like fire. Unlike most visitors, however, Vesper found that Shyka had been waiting for him. Cryptically, the Eldest informed the mortal that his time hadn't yet come, that he still had much to learn on Golarion, and that if he was to survive to his “determined moment,” he would need a protector. With that, Shyka granted Vesper his blade, a weapon that was at once his and also a host of swords carried by all those who were and would be Shyka. In Vesper's hands the weapon took the shape of a rapier—the weapon of one of Shyka's incarnations that the blade mistook him for. Vesper's travels eventually led him back to Golarion and to numerous other well-documented adventures. Despite Shyka's prophetic words, Vesper's life ended on the waters of Mist Lake in Bloodsworn Vale, when a group of demonic assassins ambushed him seemingly without provocation. Vesper's Rapier somehow eluded the demons, though, and years later turned up at the Pathfinder lodge in Woodsedge for a brief period. The weapon proves maddeningly difficult to track, as its shape—but not its rich decorations—changes from wielder to wielder.


Any who claim Vesper's Rapier find themselves embroiled in a mystery spanning lives and ages.

  • Eldest Enigma: Any fey creature that sees Vesper's Rapier recognizes it as being of First World craftsmanship, a blade more grown than forged. Although they don't immediately recognize the weapon's pedigree, gnomes—being relatives of the fey—find the weapon enthralling and vaguely familiar. Gnomes gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge or Spellcraft checks made to identify the weapon.
  • Shyka's Sword: Although unknown to Vesper or any other mortal, Shyka didn't give his blade away to Vesper—rather, Vesper was simply one of Shyka's embodiments who hadn't yet joined his brethren. Something appears to have gone wrong, though, as Vesper died before performing whatever deed would elevate him to Shyka's level and fulfill his destiny. What effects this will have on Shyka's existence and that of his sword remains a mystery.