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Divine Animal Companions for Golarion Gods

Table: Golarion Deities and their Sacred Animals

Deity Sacred Animal
Abadar Horse
Asmodeus Goat
Calistria Wasp
Cayden Cailean Cayhound
Desna Butterfly
Erastil Stag
Gorum Aurochs Bull
Gozreh All Animals
Iomedae Falcon
Irori Tiger
Lamashtu Jackal
Nethys Owl
Norgorber Spider
Pharasma Whippoorwill
Rovagug Scorpion
Sarenrae Dove
Shelyn Songbird
Torag Bear
Urgathoa Fly
Zon-Kuthon Bat

Source: James Jacobs - Paizo Forums

The list of deities and their sacred animals from the Book of Divine Magic is not Open Game Content, so the list of Golarion deities and their sacred animals has been substituted in its place. The substitution is not perfect and GMs will likely want to approve Divine Animal companions on a case-by-case basis.  Another option is to allow a player to choose a divine animal companion using the druid animal companion statistics, but following the animal companion progression shown here.