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Scarab of Khepri

Aura moderate conjuration, divination, and transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 7,800 gp; Weight


This small golden statuette is fashioned in the likeness of Khepri, the winged scarab beetle. When carrying the scarab, once per day you can speak with vermin as if using speak with animals, though the information you can obtain is very limited. If you have wild empathy, you may use it on vermin. Once per day you may cast summon swarm to summon a swarm of dung beetles (treat as a spider swarm, but rather than being poisonous they inflict filth fever if a DC 11 Fortitude save is failed).


Craft Wondrous Item, speak with animals, summon swarm, creator must have wild empathy; Cost 3,900 gp