Multiclass Archetypes

Multiclass Archetypes are meant to make the painful downsides of multiclassing less painful, allowing you to fit a character to a concept without making that character inherently weak. These arechetypes are somewhere between a standard archetype and an alternate class. Each one has evolved from just an idea into a full-blown entity through a painstaking process of edits and rewrites, and we hope that some people will use them in a game and enjoy our work!

If you'd like to follow our creative process, check out the MCA thread on the paizo forums! Or, if you want to see ALL of our MCAs, look no further. 

Below you can see many of our final versions of Multiclass Archetypes, but if you'd like something you can download and use on an e-reader or iPad, here are links to our full-featured and fully-illustrated PDFs:

Multiclass Archetypes PDFs

Multiclass Archetypes Master List (by Class)

Multiclass Archetypes Alphabetized List