Blooded Tyrant (Antipaladin/Rogue)

Despots and invokers of vile powers, the blooded tyrant harnesses the energies of his innate bloodline and melds them with the dark blessings of his antipaladin training. This merging of both arcane and divine power allows the blooded tyrant to inflict his foes with cruelties that weaken their defenses, blunt their attacks, and hinder their magical capabilities. Many blooded tyrants proudly display their dark and fiendish ancestry. While the origin of their bloodlines can vary from that of creatures from far-flung planes, to those that stem from the strange or powerful races of their home world, blooded tyrants must sacrifice some of the dark blessings normally granted to an unholy champion to access the innate powers of their distant heritage. (Original Concept by Elghinn Lightbringer)P