Scroll Warrior (Wizard/Samurai)

Although scrolls are simply a tool for most wizards, to the scroll warrior, it is more–it’s a deadly weapon that can be wielded like a blade or cast to unleash its magic with devastating effect. Scroll warriors are an interesting combination of wizardry and the martial training of the samurai, able to use scrolls to attack or protect, even improve the effectiveness of his signature ability, his scroll blade. Few full spellcasters approach the deadly combat training of the scroll warrior. While scroll warriors enter battle armed with scrolls and use combat techniques that often resemble some form of monk martial arts, their weakness is the very thing that grants him his power. Without a scroll at their beckon call, scroll warriors are little more than specialized wizards, though their spellcasting makes up for this deficiency whenever it occurs. (Original Concept by Elghinn Lightbringer)Primary: Wizard. Secondary: Samurai. Alignment: Any. Hit Dice: d6.