Transfer Bloodline

Your connection with magic is so deep and ingrained that it bleeds out and affects your bonded companion.

Prerequisites: Bloodline class feature or Eldritch Heritage, bonded creature (such as animal companion, familiar, eidolon, etc.), Spellcraft 5 ranks.

Benefit: Your bonded creature gains the ability to use one of your bloodline powers which is measured in uses per day. Once per day as a swift action, you can expend two daily uses of your bloodline ability to imbue your bonded creature with that bloodline power for one round, usable during the companion’s turn. You must be within 30 feet of your bonded creature to use this ability. If you gained the bonded creature through the same spellcasting class which gave you the bloodline class feature (such as the Wildborn Mystic, Blooded Tyrant, or Mystic Defender multiclass archetypes, etc.) you may use this ability one additional time per day.