The feylin are a proud and noble race of humanoid felines. A cross between Leonal agathions and elves of the Plane of Nirvana, the feylin possess many of the qualities of both races.  

Physical Description: Feylin are a race of wise and honorable protectors of the wild that stand 5 1/2 feet to 6 feet tall, and weigh between 110 to 160 pounds. They have green or amber eyes, pointed ears, sharp claws, and a variety of fur patterns, ranging from tawny or dark brown to yellow ocre with brown spots. 

Society: The feylin society is organized into clans, with members prefering the paths of the ranger or hunter, while their leaders tend to be druids and shamans. They are protective of the natural world, especially forests and plains, and have been known to venture en masse to defend such realms from destruction. In such cases, when the need has arisen, feylin have been known to ally with other rangers, hunters, druids, and even paladins and warpriests native to the lands they seek to protect. 

Relations: Feylin are trustworthy and stalwart in the defense of freedom everywhere. They rely upon their incredible agility and insight to overcome their challenges and defeat their enemies. They easily associate with other feline races, such as catfolk or their greater kin, and often share similar views with elves and gnomes who possess an affinity to the natural world.