Dragon Sovereign

Like other mythic paths, the Dragon Sovereign grants a number of specific abilities. However, the Dragon Sovereign path can only be followed if an appropriate artifact is found by the individual, or the knowledge passed on by another Dragon Sovereign. As a mythic character gains tiers, he can choose any mythic abilities in common with other paths (see Table 1–1: Base Mythic Abilities in Mythic Adventures), or those listed in the Dragon Sovereign mythic path description below.

Dragon sovereigns are masters of dragonkind and keepers of ancient dragon knowledge. Once, long ago, the sovereigns roamed the primordial world, warring against one another alongside their dragon companions, dividing the land into their own territorial domains. Although these powerful beings have gone the way of the dust, vestiges of their obscure legacy have emerged throughout the ages in the form of armor, weapons, or objects of significant importance to them. Most of these relics vanished into the memories and myths of the past, only to reemerge throughout the latter part of history. Such ancient relics can bestow upon the wearer the mythic path of the dragon sovereign, imbuing him with the knowledge and a portion of its master’s might. Any dragon sovereign that now appears is but a mere shadow of the original sovereign’s former power and glory. However, when such power is compared to that of mortals, it is unmatched by the current peoples of the world.

Dragon sovereigns are powers to be reckoned with in their own right. If encountered, one should never take a sovereign’s powers or abilities lightly. Such a mistake will likely cost an individual, or even an entire adventuring party their very lives. It is difficult for most to fully comprehend the might of one who has obtained the mature powers of a dragon sovereign, for they are a force powerful enough to give even the demonic balors, devilish pit fiends, or angelic solars cause to be wary.

Role: In ages past, the dragon sovereigns ruled the world unopposed, dividing the spoils between them to further their power and circle of influence. Now, with a multitude of races inhabiting the world, the power and influence of dragon sovereigns has greatly diminished. Despite this deficiency, some sovereigns blaze their own path to power and domination through bloodshed, intimidation, and dark magic, while others seek to serve and protect others through courage, compassion, and divinely imbued might. Regardless of their nature, dragon sovereigns seek to establish their own kingdoms from which to command their armies and cohorts, and govern their realm alongside their dragon companion.

Classes: Barbarians, cavaliers, fighters, rangers, and paladins will all find a host of useful abilities in the dragon sovereign path. In fact, almost any character who seeks to further their knowledge, enhance their combat skills, or gain influence over creatures of the draconic bloodline will likewise find that the path of the dragon sovereign includes a number of valuable abilities that will help in their endeavors.<