Battle Mage (Half-Minotaur, Magus Archetype)

Half-minotaurs are a militant race whose warriors are trained in a variety of combat techniques. Their battle mages are no different, as they focus on evocation spells and use their combat training to enhance and manipulate such spellsClass FeaturesThe battle mage has the following class features. Battle Magic (Su)

At 1st level, a battle mage can deal extra damage with his spells. Whenever a battle mage casts a spell that deals damage (magic missile, flaming sphere, etc.), he adds his Intelligence modifier to the spell’s total damage. If a spell deals damage multiple times to the same target, this extra damage is only applied once. Spellstrike (Ex)

At 2nd level, a battle mage may use this ability with a weapon or his gore attack.

Magus Arcana

A battle mage may select the following new magus arcana that are restricted to the Battle Mage half-minotaur racial archetype.