Order of the Red Blade

A samurai who belongs to this order devotes his life to battle, learning weapon techniques that inflict deep and bloody wounds or shatters bone, and striking down his foes in the most brutal manner possible. Thus, they often favor heavy weapons that deal great damage. Samurai of this order tend to be fierce, pragmatic, exacting, sharp-tongued, and cruelly inflict injuries of immense pain. This order complements the Blood Samurai multiclass archetype.

Edicts: The samurai must keep his weapons in excellent condition, seek to inflict pain and damage to his opponents in the most vicious way, and prolong the pain and recovery of his foes. He must always strive to follow the most pragmatic course of action in battle, take chances to inflict deadly wounds, and provide guidance to his allies in how to bring pain and great injury to their foes.

Challenge: Whenever an order of the red blade samurai issues a challenge, he receives a +1 morale bonus on Armor Class and all attack rolls made against the target of his challenge. The samurai also deals 1 point of bleed damage to the target of his challenge on a successful attack roll. This bonus and bleed damage increase by +1 for every four levels the samurai possesses. Furthermore, should the red blade samurai use Heal to provide first aid or prevent recovery, the samurai of the red blade a +2 bonus on all such skill checks until the end of the challenge.