You are possessed by the reincarnated soul of an outsider.

Effect: During times of stress, your mind is filled with strange memories that are not your own. At the beginning of each day, you must make a Will saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 the possessed prophet’s level + the possessed prophet’s Charisma modifier). If you fail, during each encounter of the day, you become confused for 1d6 rounds. This confusion takes effect 1d4 rounds after the encounter begins. For the duration of this confusion effect, you lose access to your mystery spells and must make a concentration check to cast any spell. If the saving throw is successful, you are not at risk of becoming confused for a 24-hour period. In addition, whenever you fail a morale check or a saving throw against mind–affecting spells or effects, you can attempt a new check or saving throw in the next round.

At 5th level, you are immune to the dazed and fascinated conditions.

At 10th level, you can take 20 on any Knowledge check three times per day.

At 15th level, you add legend lore to your list of known spells.