Great Magister

Magic comes in all forms; from the divine magic of clerics and oracles, to the alchemical formulas of the alchemist and the arcane enchantments of wizards and sorcerers, from holy symbols and rune magic, to cooperative magic and words of power. However, among arcane practitioners-which include the likes of magi, witches, sorcerers, arcanists, and wizards, the great magister stands supreme. 

The great magister is an archmage of sorts, and is considered a master of all things arcane. As the living embodiment of arcane power, the great magister is a wellspring of arcane knowledge, can cast powerful spells with precision, unleash raw magical energies, radiate an aura of arcane power, enhance the efficacy of other practitioners casting the same spell, and feel the very presence of magic nearby. 

Due to their nature, great magisters are never evil, as they favor the practice of arcane magic over all things, though often use their power to benefit other practitioners of magic or those around them. Regardless of the individual, the great magister has a great responsibility as both a representative of the arcane arts and the vessel of the magical powers bestowed upon her.

Great magister is an acquired template that can be added to any living, corporeal creature of good or neutral alignment with 14 HD (or class levels) or higher. A great magister retains the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

CR: +2

Class: Arcanist, sorcerer, or wizard. Additional classes may be considered at the GM’s discretion.

HD: 14 or higher.

Alignment: Any nonevil.

Defenses/Qualities: A great magister gains immunity to all cantrips, SR 6 + her character level (i