Curse of Lycanthropy (Su)

Once per month, the wulf witch can use her bite attack in wolf form to afflict a humanoid target with lycanthropy (Fortitude DC 15 negates). If the victim's size is not within one size category of the wulf witch’s wolf form, this hex has no effect. 

The curse of lycanthrope has the following statistics: Type curse, injury; Save Fortitude DC 15 negates, Will DC 15 to avoid effects; Onset the next full moon; Frequency on the night of every full moon or whenever the target is injured. Effect target transforms into a wolf under the GM's control until the next morning. When a PC becomes a lycanthrope, the GM has a choice to make. In most cases, the GM should take control of the PC's actions whenever he is in hybrid or animal form—lycanthropy shouldn't be a method to increase a PC's power, after all, and what an afflicted lycanthrope does while in animal or hybrid form is often at odds with what the character would actually want. If a player wants to play a lycanthrope, he should play a natural lycanthrope and follow the guidelines for playing a character of a powerful race.