Staff of the Archwizard of Assentia

Slot none; Aura overwhelming evocation and transmutation; CL 25th; Weight 4 lbs. 


This +5 flaming frost shock spell storing ironwood staff was originally crafted and wielded by Derrobane, the Archwizard of Assentia himself. However, at some point after its initial creation, it was touched by the gods of light and infused with legendary and mythical magic. The Staff of the Archwizard of Assentia is carved from a branch of ancient ironwood and inscribed with intricate runes of magic and power. It is shod in adamantine on either end, with the haft entwined with adamantine wire, and grips covered in black dragon hide. Like a normal staff, the staff of the Archwizard of Assentia holds only 10 charges, but regains charges at the rate of 1 charge per day, as long as 1 charge remains. It cannot be recharged normally. While some of its powers use charges, others do not. The staff of the Archwizard of Assentia does not lose its powers if it runs out of charges.  


Basic Abilities legendary power (6/day), legendary surge (+1d12; attack and combat maneuver rolls), mythic bond.

Advanced Abilities eternal bond (The Archwizard of Assentia), everlasting, foe-biting, metamagician, powerful (x2), returning, undetectable, unstoppable strike.