Giant Dwarves (Ulagra)

On rare occasions, dwarven children are born with a peculiar abnormality. Just as humans can be stricken by the genetic maladies of gigantism, dwarves can contract a form of gigantism. Those born with this condition, affectionately called "bigitis" by the dwarves, grow to enormous size, increasing in both mass and girth well beyond that which is normal for their race. By the time they reach maturity, this change results in a tremendous increase in the dwarf’s physical strength, a stature of 6 to 6 1/2 feet, and weight of nearly 500 pounds. However, this increase in size also hinders the dwarf’s agility. A giant dwarf has the same racial traits as a normal dwarf, except as noted below.

Giant Dwarves Racial Traits (1