Divine Agent (Cleric/Rogue)

Divine agents walk a thin line between divine enlightenment and the dark shadows of the underworld. As special servants of their respective sects, the divine agent wields the power of her god while employing stealth and legerdemain to accomplish her appointed duty. Often seen as somewhat outside the laws of the church, divine agents employ whatever means necessary to fulfill their duty within the strictures of their sect and moral viewpoint. One of their feared abilities is that of channeling the power of their god into their precision attacks. Through spells, stealth, and innate agility, the divine agent can ferret out those who oppose her god, and strike them down in the same breath.

Primary Class: ClericSecondary Class: RogueAlignment: Any Hit Dice: d8Bonus Skills and Ranks: The divine agent may select six rogue skills to add to her class skills in addition to the normal cleric class skills. The divine agent gains a number of ranks at each level equal to 4 + Int modifier.