A pact is a mutually binding contract between a powerful benefactor, such as an outsider or some other creature of great influence, and the pactbound thaumatheurge. Making such as pact places the pactbound thaumatheurge indenture to his benefactor, and is obliged, as its agent (or slave), to follow a strict code of conduct and carry out any vital undertakings that the benefactor deems fit to impose upon him. In return for this “servitude”, the pactbound thaumatheurge is granted a variety of spells, powers, and a unique type of energy channeling as determined by the type of pact that is formed. 

Alternate Pact Spells and Powers: While each pact is created from a combination of the listed sorcerer bloodline and cleric domain, the pactbound thaumatheurge may, at the GM’s discretion, select pact spells or powers from an associated wildblooded bloodline or a related subdomain.

The pactbound thaumatheurge can choose to enter one of the following pacts described hereafter.

Aberrant Pact

Abyssal Pact

Celestial Pact

Elemental Pact