Deep Druid (Drow, Druid Archetype)

Miles beneath the surface of world of light, are dark and dangerous tunnels, caverns, and crevasses. It is here, in the deep underground known as the Everdark, that the drow or dark elves dwell. Among this vile race of corrupted elves are those who seek to be one with the natural stone and deep fauna of this dangerous terrain. It is these deep druids who, like their surface counterparts, live as one with their natural world, tending the fungi and mosses, speaking with the stone, and protecting the wildlife that dwells within it. Class Features

The deep druid has the following class features.

Class Skills

The deep druid adds Stealth to her list of class skills.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

In addition to the normal druid armor proficiencies, a deep druid adds chain shirt, leaf armor (fungi), spider silk body-suit, and studded leather armor to the list. A deep druid can also wear chainmail, but it must be made of mithral (