Blackpowder Assassin (Ninja/Gunslinger)

Some ninjas deviate from their path of a silent assassin and explore the use of firearms mixed with their deadly skills. In doing so they learn an impressive range of combat arts to ensure they have an upper hand at all times. The more traditional ninjutsu orders will abandon those who are tempted the allure of firearms, leading those who aim to combine these skills to do so single-handedly or to be taught by a master. Able to arm themselves in a blink of an eye and with almost supernatural awareness and reactions, blackpowder assassins seem to react to combat before it even starts. (Original concept by Alfray Stryke

Primary Class: Ninja.

Secondary Class: Gunslinger.

Alignment: Any.

Hit Dice: d8.

Bonus Skills and Ranks: The blackpowder assassin may select three gunslinger skills to add to her class skills in addition to the normal ninja class skills. The blackpowder assassin gains a number of ranks at each level equal to 6 + Int modifier.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A blackpowder assassin is proficient with all simple weapons, one-handed firearms, plus the following ninja weapons; kama, katana, kusarigama, nunchaku, sai, shortbow, short sword, shuriken, siangham, and wakizashi. The blackpowder assassin must take Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms) to gain proficiency with two-handed firearms and firearm siege engines. They are proficient with light armor but not with shields.

Gunsmith (Ex): At 1st level the blackpowder assassin gains the gunslinger’s gunsmith ability, and must take a pistol when she chooses a battered firearm at 1st level. This replaces poison use.