Umbral Court Agent

Zon-Kuthon's agents in the mortal realm preserve the god's grip on the shadowy nation of Nidal through darkness and horror. The rare few Kuthites gifted with the right to rule are known as the Umbral Court, and Umbral Court agents are their enforcers. Officially, Umbral Court agents operate primarily in the blasted city of Ridwan or the capital of Pangolais. In truth, however, Umbral Court agents operate throughout all of Nidal and its neighboring nations. Some work in the open as diplomats and consuls, others in secret as spies, agitators, and agents provocateur. Most agents in Nidal spend their time hunting down apostates and heretics, seeking to purge the nation of inappropriate influences. Those acting abroad seek out positions in rival nations' halls of power. Regardless of their methods, all serve the greater glory of Nidal—and the will of their dark god—with blind devotion.

Umbral Court agents' loyalty to their overlords and ideals does not extend to other agents. Many an agent has fallen to a poisoned dagger from a rival seeking greater power. These minor treacheries are overlooked, or even rewarded, by superiors, so long as they do not interfere with the relative peace and order of Nidal. Agents who thirst for power often make deals with dark entities in order to stay one step ahead of their so-called allies, and in Pangolais it is not uncommon for agents to transform themselves into vampires or other types of undead.