Poison Domain

Granted Powers: Poison has been the bane of kings and tool of many assassins, now you command its vile power.

Poisoner's Pride (Ex): You may apply poison to a weapon as if having the poison use class feature. If your class or race already gives this ability, the poison applied to your weapon lasts an additional round before the weapon is clean.

Control Poison (Su): At 4th level, you are able to control the poison within ones’ body. You can cast delay poison or accelerate poison as spell-like abilities a number of times a day equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Domain Spells: 1st—poisoned egg, 2nd—spit venom, 3rd—stinking cloud, 4th—poison, 5th—miasmatic form, 6th—cloudkill, 7th—finger of death, 8th—blood mist, 9th—transmute blood to acid.