Scepter of the Queen Sovereign

Slot none; Aura strong enchantment; CL 17th; Weight 8 lbs. 


This +4 courageous holy impact valiant adamantine heavy mace is an heirloom of the royal family of Ara. Crafted some 200 years ago, the Scepter of the Queen Sovereign was forged by a powerful artificer and family member, and became a treasured part of the royal family's regalia. Made entirely of adamantine, the haft is bound in the hide of a gold dragon who allied with the royal family and offered a portion of his skin for its construction. The gold plated head of the scepter has seven fins in the formation of an elongated kite, with the crest of the Royal House of Ara embossed upon the tip and pommel. The surface of the mace is also etched in gold with symbols of divine healing and power.


Forged to serve as the scepter of the reigning Queen Sovereign of Ara in her role as High Priestess of Sosa, the mace grants the wielder the following healing and protective spell-like abilities.