Helm of Stone

Slot none; Aura overwhelming abjuration and enchantment; CL 30th; Weight 4 lbs.


The Helm of Stone, the most ancient of all the artifacts of Stonehelm was forged prior to the creation of the world by the three supreme gods of the Stonehelmian pantheon; Seker, Arbiter, and Kerr. It was these three who gathered the gods of the world in a great council, where they concluded to create the world and place upon it humanoid life that would worship them and champion their various causes. Its primary purpose was to enable the imprisonment of one of the gods, if any should choose to defy the great council’s decision and seek to destroy the world and its new order. 

A very powerful but single purpose item, the Helm of Stone may only be located or utilized with the consent of a council of the gods. It has been used only once in the entire history of the world. During the time of the Great Battle, at the behest of the supreme three, the great wyrm gold dragon Oushwan employed the Helm of Stone to imprison the renegade god Korroth. In so doing, the offending