Spell Thief (Rogue/Arcanist)

Rogues epitomize stealth and legerdemain, and often use these skills to pilfer rare and expensive objects. While this is the most common form of thievery, there are those rogues who possess an affinity for practicing and stealing arcane magic from others. By uniting his deft abilities with arcane power, the spell thief is seen as a figure of puissant and mysterious skill. Unseen and unexpected attacks, whether physical or magical, bolster this image. It is the signature power of a spell thief however, that evokes both dread and admiration–stealing spells and their magical energies from their initial source, whatever it may be. Whether absorbing arcane magic hurled in her direction, studying arcane manuscripts, or quickly and carefully observing spells being cast from afar, the spell thief learns to recreate these energies or unleash them as she sees fit.

Primary Class: Rogue

Secondary Class: Arcanist