Once a single race humanoid hounds or wolves, lupurns evolved over the years into two distinct and divergent cultures–the semiens and the tarmiens. Semiens resemble greyhounds or jackals, with sleek, short fur, dark searching eyes, and the physique of a gymnast or distance runner. They are a race of peaceful scholars, with a civilized society based upon the study and acquisition of knowledge. Tarmiens appear much more wolf-like, with long shaggy fur, ever watchful eyes, and the mind, demeanor and powerful physique of a predator. They are a nomadic culture of hunters and warriors, whose daily struggle for survival has made them strong and resilient. Physical Description: Lupurns are taller than the average human, and stand between 6 and 6–1/2 feet tall. Their fur can be sleek or coarse, depending on their home environment, and ranges in color from black, dark brown, or gray, to light brown, rust, and on rare occasions, white. Their eyes are typically brown, gray, or black, though gre