Bellflower Tiller

Perhaps no group has done more to sow the seeds of freedom in devil-haunted Cheliax than the Bellflower Network, and no agents of that network do or risk more than its dedicated bellflower tillers. Charged with freeing slaves from the infernal nation's many plantations and escorting them to the safety of Andoran and Rahadoum, bellflower tillers are a constant thorn in the side of House Thrune and its diabolical minions. These elite liberators practice their craft all across Cheliax, from the darkened streets of Egorian and Westcrown to the wilds of the Whisperwood. Tillers employ farming euphemisms to mask their activities from unfriendly ears—referring to their secret hideouts as “barns,” the slaves they escort as their “crops,” and the secret paths they take as “rows.” Excessive contact between tillers is discouraged by the Bellflower Network's leadership, lest they risk exposing the organization to the authorities. Despite this, tillers often meet in secret to discuss which routes are safest to take, how much to bribe certain officials, and what tactics for organizing groups of slaves work best, and so improve each other's chances of evading capture.

A bellflower tiller's duty relies in part on her ability to establish a believable and viable cover identity. Tillers often pose as traveling merchants or tinkerers—occupations that give them the freedom to travel where they need to, when they need to, and provide a solid excuse for their presence on the road should they be confronted by a Chelish patrol. Other tillers join mercenary bands or adventuring groups, using their organizational and survival skills to help their companions in exchange for some extra muscle should a particular slave breakout proceed poorly.

Bellflower Tiller Class Details

Nearly all bellflower tillers are