Wulf Witch (Lupurn, Witch Archetype)

Among the lupurns are witches who focus on their natural wolfish heritage. Wulf witches gain powers that allow them to command and summon canine creatures, and even transform into wolves themselves. Class Features The wulf witch has the following class features. Wolf Companion (Su)

At 1st level, a wulf witch gains the druid’s animal companion ability. She may only choose a wolf-like animal companion (dog, hyena, wolf), and uses her witch level as her druid level to determine her wolf companion’s abilities. This wolf companion also functions like a witch’s familiar, for the purpose of learning and storing her spells. This ability otherwise functions as and replaces witch’s familiar. Wolf Magic

A wulf witch adds the following spells to her spell list at the indicated spell levels: 

1st–call animal (canines only), calm animals, charm animal, magic fang (self or wolf companion only), speak with animals