Horn of the Great Minotaur

Slot none; Aura strong evocation; CL 20th; Weight 5 lbs.


This peculiar artifact was once the actual horn of the great Sirjif minotaur hero of the Off-Worlder War, Therak Quenalthirr. The horn was given to Therak by the ruler of a kingdom of giant beetle riding warriors as a reward for defeating a malicious red dragon of immense power that had terrorized the city and its people for a number of years. The citizens were forced to provide large quantities of food, as well as gems and precious metals which they mined from the nearby mountains. Therak, along with his companions, battled with the voracious wyrm and were victorious. However, in the ensuing battle, one of his horns was broken off in a vicious attack by the dragon. 

Following the conflict, the people presented the minotaur with a perfectly crafted ironwood horn clad in a thin layer of adamantine to replace the one he had lost. This new horn was magically attached to his head by one of his companions, and from that time forward he wore it as a symbol of his bravery and the kindness of others. Some time later, the horn was further enchanted by another wizard friend of his, Wu Yan Ravenhill. However, during the enchanting process the horn swelled with arcane energies, imbuing the horn with far more power than was planned. 

As the years passed, Therak engaged in many battles. During one such battle, his new horn was once again broken off, and he was defeated by his powerful foe. He later awoke to find his horn gone and any attempt to locate it on his part was in vain. After some time he replaced his lost horn with one of far less power. Eventually he learned that his original horn had resurfaced in many parts of the world, aiding those in need. The horn continues to roam throughout the world of its own volition to this day, seeking new hosts to reawaken its powers. 


The Horn of the Great Minotaur is finely crafted from ironwood, and covered in adamantine. The horn functions as a