Dorn - Iconic Saint

Dorn the Protector was raised in a dwarven conclave after his parents, who had been visiting the dwarves for reasons of trade, were viciously murdered by a crazed dwarven mage. His foster parents instilled in him the glory and justice of Torag, and once he grew to adulthood (which in dwarven society is near fifty years old!) he left the enclave to travel the world and help those in need of Torag's protection and justice. Dorn's hammer is as much a tool of peace as it is violence, and he excels at convincing would-be foes that they'd be best served praying for forgiveness from Torag than fighting against the god's chosen emissary.

"What? This isn't a Paizo class," you might say, "where did it come from?" The Saint is a new base class written by Tyler Beck (the humble freelancer in charge of this even more humble website) and published by Fat Goblin Games. The class is 100% open content, so feel free to check out how it works at this link: The Saint. If you like the class, I'd be thrilled if you supported my writing habit by buying a copy from the d20pfsrd store: Buy The Saint. It's only $3.99!