Artifice Devices*

Similar to spellcasters, artificers can create special devices that function much like magical items if they are of the appropriate level and expend sufficient time and money to create them. These artifice devices are technological in nature, and though they create effects that are similar to those of specific magical items, they use gears, springs, and other mechanisms to duplicate the effects of their magical counterparts.

When crafting an artifice device, its material costs are equal to half the construction costs of its magical counterpart, but requires twice the construction time create (see Magic Item Creation). Although an artifice device may duplicate the effects of a specific item, some artifice devices have a level requirement higher or lower than that of its magical counterpart. This is often due to the mechanical or alchemical complexity of the artifice device.


The following artifice device descriptions are presented in alphabetical order. Each entry lists its required construction time and cost.