Mechagolems are constructs whose bodies are constructed from metal or stone mechanisms and given a semblance of life through its mechagolem commander’s own life force. Mechagolems are constructs that remain inanimate and completely inert until they are bonded with a mechagolem commander, allowing them to act, move, and over time, evolve into a true construct. A mechagolem is considered a construct for the purpose of what types of spell affect it. Mechagolems have the base statistics as shown on the Mechagolem Base Statistics table. These base statistics can be modified by the mechagolem’s base form and upgrade pool.


A mechagolem’s abilities are determined by the mechagolem commander’s level and by the choices made using its upgrade pool. Table: Mechagolem Base Statistics determines many of the base statistics of the construct. Each mechagolem possesses a base form that modifies these base statistics. A mechagolem’s qualities are similar to those described in the Eidolons description block of the Advanced Player’s Guide, except with the following changes.

Hit Dice: This is the total number of 10-sided (d10) Hit Dice the mechagolem possesses.

Bad Saves: These are the mechagolem’s base saving throw bonuses. A mechagolem only possesses bad saves, regardless of the creature’s base form.

Ability Scores: A mechagolem only has an Intelligence of 3 (but gains no penalties or bonuses due to its score), allowing it to receive simple commands, and eventually more complex commands at a higher level. A mechagolem also has no Constitution score. However, due to the bond with its commander, a mechagolem gains bonus hit points per Hit Die equal to its mechagolem commander’s Constitution modifier (if positive).

Skills: A mechagolem gains no skills. However, a mechagolem can attempt any untrained skill using the mechagolem commander’s ranks an ability modifiers. In addition, a mechagolem can always use the aid another action to assist its mechagolem commander with any Strength-based skill checks.

Feats: A mechagolem gains no feats.