For centuries, dragons have entered into trysts with unsuspecting mortals, resulting in a variety of half-dragon offspring. Dracons are the result of such a union; that of a dragon and a centaur. Over the years, dracons have evolved, becoming more draconic in appearance and learning to adapt to a variety of environments. While they are typically found on the open range, these powerful beings have been known to dwell in deep forests, high mountain vales, and remote wastelands.

Physical Description: Dracons resemble a strange amalgamation of humanoid and draconic heritage. These quadrupeds have the upper torso of a scaled humanoid, and the head, taloned hands, body, and tail of a dragon. Dracons are Large size, standing 7 feet in height and weighing around 2,000 pounds. Their tough hide and scales range in color from black to gray, and on through the entire spectrum of colors of dragonkind. A dracon’s head features a scaly, hooked snout, a strong brow with scale ridges, and distinctive frills at the ears. They possess no horns or hair of any kind, and their eyes tend to be yellow or green.

Society: Dracons are a nomadic race that roam a variety of lands, but prefer the open range of planes or secluded mountain meadows where hunting can be plentiful. As their culture has dictated throughout the centuries, dracons segregate themselves according to their color, with each hue representing a particular clan. Despite this division, they hold those of the royal bloodline in high regard. The rarest clan of the race, those of the royal bloodline are black, bluish-purple or midnight blue in hue, to which all other clans defer in times of war, or when events arise that could threaten the survival of the entire race. Although they are distantly descended from dragons, dracons are a race of vegetarians, but they will eat animal flesh in dire situations.

Relations: Dracons live by a strict code of honor in battle and in life, where their word is their bond. Should word be broken once it is given, dishonor is immediately brought upon both the individual dracon and his entire clan. Thus, such a thing rarely occurs. However, on such rare occasions that it does, the only way to restore honor to the clan is by the death of the perpetrated. Seen as a form of brutality by outsiders, dracons hold honor as their highest law, and work to ensure those who break their word are brought to justice. Due to this code of honor, dracons tend to get along well with dwarves, and other races that view community and honorable battle as important qualities.

Alignment and Religion: Dracons tend to be lawful aligned, due to the propensity of their code of honor. They revere the god of dragons in high regard, though most favor deities of honor, battle, and community.