Order of the Serpent

Cavaliers of the order of the serpent devote themselves to healing the sick and ailing, are versed in ministering and extracting venoms, and are gifted with regenerative powers. This order complements the Knight of Grace multiclass archetype.

Edicts: The cavalier must show mercy to the ill and wounded. He must protect healers, hospitals and places of healing, and offer aid even to wounded enemies after a fight. He can’t harm an healer or inflict a coup of grace to an incapacitated foe.

Challenge: Whenever an order of the serpent cavalier issues a challenge, he gains DR 1/– on all attacks from the target of his challenge as long as the target uses poison as a natural attack or on its weapons. This DR increases by 1 point for every four levels the cavalier possesses.

Skills: An order of the serpent cavalier adds Craft (alchemy) (Int) and Heal (Wis) to his list of class skills. He can attempt Heal skill checks untrained. If he has ranks in the skill, he receives a bonus on the check equal to 1/2 his cavalier level (minimum +1) when treating poison or disease.

Order Abilities: An order of the serpent cavalier gains the following abilities as he increases in level.

Untouched By Corruption (Su)

At 2nd level, the cavalier receives a +2 bonus on saving throws against poison. At 8th level and every six levels thereafter, this bonus increases by an additional +1. In addition, the cavalier gains the poison use alchemist class ability.

Saving Bite/Death Bite (Su)

At 8th level, the cavalier gains the swift poisoning alchemist class ability. Once per combat, he can choose to give either his weapon or