Your face and neck have been injured, hampering your ability to communicate verbally. Whenever you speak, all creatures must make a DC 20 Sense Motive check to understand you. You learn a sign-based language that allows you to communicate with anyone that makes a successful DC 20 Sense Motive check.

Curse Skill: Sense Motive.

Adaptive Feats: You gain the following feats at the indicated levels, even if you do not normally meet the prerequisites.

At 2nd level, you gain Improved Dirty Trick as a bonus feat.

At 8th level you gain Greater Reposition as a bonus feat.

At 14th level you gain Combat Patrol as a bonus feat.

At 20th level you gain Stunning Critical as a bonus feat.

Discipline: You have mastered your curse and gain the following abilities.

At 4th level, when you use Bluff to pass hidden messages to an allied character, the DC of this check is 10 for simple messages and 15 for complex messages. You also gain a +3 competence bonus on Sense Motive checks and saving throws against effects that that rely language.

At 10th level, you gain a competence bonus equal to 1/2 your level on all Linguistics checks made to decipher writing in an unknown language.

At 16th level, you can understand any written or spoken language as if under a constant comprehend languages spell.

Revelations: Your curse grants you the following revelations.

At 7th level, you gain the Automatic Writing revelation from the Lore mystery.