Thassilonian Runes

One of the great achievements of the Runelords of Thassilon was the creation of arcane runes empowered to infuse living flesh with magical power. With these arcane markings, the fundamentals of one’s lifeforce were altered, allowing the bearer to activate various magical abilities.

Thassilonian runes resemble runic tattoos inscribed in the flesh with arcane inks and scar-inducing irritants. Their intricate forms are endless variations on the seven runes of sin magic. Any individual bearing a Thassilonian rune can make use of its abilities even if not a spellcaster or if its powers are from a school ordinarily prohibited to the bearer.

A Thassilonian rune is considered a magic item but does not take up a body slot in the usual sense. Instead, an individual is limited to possessing one rune, regardless of the creature’s or the rune’s actual size. The potent magics essential to these runes’ function is disrupted by the addition of a second rune, preventing either from working. Once a rune is inscribed, it cannot be removed short of a miracle, wish, or a mage’s disjunction cast directly on it (this use of the spell does not have the normal area of effect and can affect only one rune at a time). Even the loss of that body part is not foolproof, for if it is regenerated or otherwise recovered, it returns with the rune still upon it.

Runes are created using the Inscribe Rune feat. Several runes dating back to the time of ancient Thassilon are presented here, though this list is by no means exhaustive, and PCs with the proper feats and abilities could conceivably develop new ones.