Explosive Personality

Benefit: The alchemist has an obsession with destruction that makes him both feared and respected by others. As a full-round action, the alchemist can make an attack with one of his bombs against a creature within 30 feet. If the bomb hits, the alchemist can make an Intimidate check to demoralize all enemies within 30 feet. The alchemist adds the splash damage of his bomb (the minimum damage) to his Intimidate check. For example, a 4th level alchemist with an Intelligence bonus of +2 would add +4 (an Int modifier of +2 and +2 from his 2d6 base bomb damage) to his Intimidate checks when using this discovery.

Alternatively, an alchemist can choose to hit himself with his bomb instead of another creature. In this case, the bomb automatically hits the alchemist and does not require an attack roll. The alchemist takes half the normal damage (rounded down), and gains an additional +5 circumstance bonus to his Intimidate check when using this ability. Any fire resistance can further reduce the damage from this discovery.

In addition, this discovery counts as the Dazzling Display feat for the purposes of any prerequisites.