Grearworks Armor

A battle arkwright's mastery of artifice that allows him to construct a powerful suit of sentient armor called gearworks armor.


A gearworks armor’s abilities are determined by the battle arkwright’s level and by the choices made using its upgrade pool. Table: Gearworks Armor Base Statistics determines many of the base statistics of the construct. The gearworks armor possesses a base form that modifies these base statistics.

Base Attack Bonus: This is the gearworks armor’s base attack bonus. The gearworks armor’s base attack bonus is equal to its Hit Dice. Gearworks machines do not gain additional attacks using their natural weapons for a high base attack bonus. When the gearworks armor is being worn by the battle arkwright, the battle arkwright uses his level as his base attack bonus.

Fort Saves: This is the gearworks armor’s Fortitude save bonus. The gearworks armor uses the battle arkwright’s Reflex and Will saves. When the gearworks armor is being worn, the battle arkwright adds this bonus to his own Fortitude saving throws.

Upgrade Pool: This is exactly like the gearworks machine’s upgrade pool, except that the gearworks armor gains a number of upgrade points as shown on Table: Gearworks Armor Base Statistics. In addition, a battle ardwright may choose any upgrade for his gearworks armor listed in artificer’s gearworks machine list (see Gearworks Machine Upgrades) except for the following: Armored Conveyance (2-point), Frightful Presence (3-point), Gore (2-point), Head (2-point), Hooves (1-point), Large (4-point), Limbs (2-point), Mount (1-point), Noxious Breath Weapon (3-point), Ponce (1-point), Skilled (1-point), Sting (1-point), Tail (1-point), Tail Slap (1-point), Trample (2-point).

Max Attacks: The gearworks armor cannot exceed the maximum of 3 natural attacks. When the gearworks armor is being worn, the battle arkwright uses his base attack bonus as his maximum number of natural attacks.

Special: This includes a number of abilities gained by all gearworks armor as they increase in power. Each of these bonuses is described below.