Order of the Powder and Ball

A cavalier who belongs to this order has learned to use firearms in mounted combat, supporting his allies and harrying his foes as he moves through the field of battle upon his war mount. Cavaliers of this order tend to be courageous, resolute, and skilled in the both ranged and mounted tactics. This order complements the Cavalry Gunman multiclass archetype.

Edicts: The cavalier must provide support to his allies wherever needed, and stand firm against his foes, whether mounted or on foot. He must always seek to exploit the field of battle to its greatest advantage for both himself and his allies. The cavalier must provide a rapid response to any requests for support from his allies, provide covering fire during advances or withdrawals, and press his foes at every opportunity in hopes of over extending their resources.

Challenge: Whenever an order of the powder and ball issues a challenge, he receives a +1 morale bonus on all attack damage rolls made against the target of his challenge with a firearm. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels the cavalier possesses. Furthermore, the powder and ball cavalier gains a +2 bonus to his CMB and CMD when performing or defending against an overrun combat maneuvers until the end of the challenge.

Skills: An order of the powder and ball cavalier adds Acrobatics (Dex) and Knowledge (engineering) (Int) to his list of class skills. In addition, an order of the powder and ball cavalier adds his Wisdom modifier (if positive) to any Reflex saves he makes while mounted.

Order Abilities: A cavalier that belongs to the order of the powder and ball gains the following abilities as he increases in level.

Gunfighter’s Protégé (Ex)

At 2nd level, the cavalier gains Amateur Gunslinger as a bonus feat. If the cavalier has levels in the Cavalry Gunman multiclass archetype, he gains the gunslinger’s Deeds and Grit class features with access to 1st level deeds at 2nd level, and subsequent levels of deeds every four levels thereafter, up to 15th level deeds at 18th level.

Mounted Gun Expertise (Ex)

At 8th level, the cavalier gains a bonus equal to his Dexterity modifier on damage rolls when discharging a firearm while mounted. Furthermore, when he misfires with a firearm while mounted, the misfire value of that firearm increases by 2 instead of 4.

Rapid Firing

At 15th level, the cavalier can, as a standard action, make a single attack with his firearm at his full base attack bonus against a foe within his first range increment. If the cavalier hits, he deals damage normally and can make an additional attack (using his full base attack bonus) against a foe that is adjacent to the previous foe and also within his first range increment. For each additional foe he hits, the cavalry gunman can continue to target foes adjacent to his previous target, so long as they are within his first range increment. The cavalier cannot attack an individual foe more than once during this attack action. When the cavalier uses this ability, he takes a –2 penalty to his Armor Class until his next turn.