Highlords are a powerful race of humanoids who live in the remote areas of the world. Highlords are the epitome of noble strength and intuition, standing 6 to 7 feet tall and weighing between 200 to 350 pounds. They appear much like a mix of human and elf, possessing the pointed ears, absence of facial or body hair, chiseled facial features and aptitude towards magic of the elves, in conjunction with the muscular physique, adaptability and head-strong attitude of the humans. Their appearance varies as greatly as that of humans, with pale skin, silver or golden hair and blue or green eyes being common, though dark skin is a rarity. Highlords view themselves as being touched by the gods, and have appointed themselves as guardians of the lands in which they live.

Regions: Highlords dwell in sparse but magnificent communities of 85 to 100 persons, constructed to blend with their surroundings and located where they can live in relative seclusion. Such places can range from deep in a forest grove, to high on a mountain summit, or far beneath the rocky outcrops of the barren wastelands. 

Highlord Racial Traits (Advanced 17 RP)